Use anywhere

Now you can perform perimetry without a traditional exam lane or high-cost capital equipment. The AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer is a small, battery-operated autoperimeter that can perform visual field threshold measurements. And not only is it completely portable, but it does not require a separate dark room.


Patient friendly

The light-weight head-mounted device allows a high degree of flexibility in patient position. They can even take the test reclined. This is particularly advantageous for aging and disabled patients. The AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer also generates a patient-friendly version of the report that helps you explain the diagnosis better.


Simple to use

Advanced infrared tracking technology automatically corrects for fixation loss.

Simple to use

Administer the test in just a few clicks. The automated, intuitive system is simple enough that even non-eyecare professionals can learn how to use the AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer quickly.



Secure storage of patient data

We take security of clinical data very seriously. All clinical data on the AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer are encrypted and are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Device stays updated always

Our software is on the cloud. Regular seamless software updates are performed remotely without the need for physical inspection by a service engineer.

Diagnose with surety

Perimetry test results on the AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer are as accurate as those on the current gold standard devices.

The AVA™ Advanced Vision Analyzer offers:

  • Foveal threshold testing
  • Test patters 24-2 and 30-2
  • Test strategies including screening, full threshold, Elisar Zest, and Elisar Fast
  • Fixation monitoring, eye-tracking system


Familiar report

The generated report meets international standards and adheres to the same familiar format with which you are already accustomed. There’s no learning curve for ophthalmologists or optometrists.

Send reports without hassle

Connect wirelessly to your printer or send reports by email.


Everything you need to perform perimetry anywhere

Head Mounted Device
VR headset that your patient wears comfortably

Store and carry your device safely

Patient Response Button
Hand-held device is easy for patients to use
Regular updates on the cloud keep you up-to-date