Test for Glaucoma anywhere, accurately, at an affordable price.

The VFA is a portable head mounted device that tests field of vision as accurately as the best in class for 1/3rd the price.

Use anywhere

The VFA is small and light autoperimeter. It doesn't need a separate dark room. You can safely take it anywhere in a specialised case to your private clinics to eye camps.

Diagnose with surety

Perimetry test results on VFA are as accurate as those on the current gold standard devices.

Simple to use

Administer the test in just a few clicks. No need for special technicians. Advanced infrared tracking technology automatically corrects for fixation loss. Even a non-medico can learn quickly.

Additional Features

Quick search

Find old test results on the tablet in seconds. Search by patient name, phone number and email address.

Device stays updated always

Our software is on the cloud. Regular seamless software updates are performed remotely without the need for physical inspection by a service engineer.

How it Works

Tech Specs

Data storage 10 GB
Stimulus duration 150 ms
Stimulus interval 1200-1800 msec
Number of stimuli -
Stimulus colour White on White perimetry
Blue on Yellow (planned)
Method of Presentation LCD screen
Stimulus size Goldman II to Goldman V
General testing features Foveal thresholding, Automatic Pupil Measurement, Active fixation monitoring
Screening Test Strategies Three point method
Threshold Test Strategies Modified Zest, Full Threshold