Introducing NOA
Novel Ophthalmic Analyzer.

Integrate the power of OCT imaging and precise biometry. A versatile, accessible system for accurate diagnostics.

Introducing NOA
Novel Ophthalmic Analyzer

Integrate the power of OCT imaging and precise biometry. A versatile, accessible system for accurate diagnostics.

Increased accessibility
NOA transforms the way you conduct eye care examinations with different mounting configurations, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience for both you and your patients.

Floor Mount

Designed with both functionality and comfort in mind, this setup allows you to optimize your workspace while providing patients with a comfortable experience. The floor-mounted configuration ensures stability and easy positioning, making it an ideal choice for various clinic layouts.

Wall Mount

This space-saving solution is perfect for clinics with limited floor space, allowing you to utilize your walls effectively. The wall-mounted setup provides a streamlined and organized examination area, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your practice.

Ceiling Mount

This setup not only maximizes space utilization but also enhances the ergonomic workflow of your clinic. By mounting NOA™ on the ceiling, you free up valuable floor space, creating a clutter-freeenvironment.

Chair Mount

This setup is ideal for clinics prioritising patient comfort while managing limited space. The chair-mounted design integrates seamlessly into the clinical environment, allowing patients to sit comfortably. This setup minimises clutter and maximises efficiency in the examination area, enhancing your practice's overall aesthetics and functionality.

Adaptable posture that prioritizes patient comfort
NOA improves patient experience by eliminating uncomfortable postures during eye examinations. This ensures both comfort and accuracy, benefiting patients and eye care professionals alike
Choose as per your needs
Perform high resolution retina OCT imaging with NOA OCT, Optical Biometry with NOA BIOMETER, or choose both with NOA PLUS
High Resolution Retina OCT Imaging
High-Resolution Imaging
NOA OCT uses an 840 nm Spectral Domain OCT engine for precise retinal structure visualization
Exceptional Performance
80,000 scans per second, ensures fast imaging, reduced chair time and accurate diagnoses.
Optical Biometry for Precise Measurements
Comprehensive Insights, Exceptional Outcomes
Advanced imaging with double telecentric system captures extensive biometrics, including ACD and WTW, enhancing refractive assessment precision.
Precision-driven IOL Calculation Formulas
Integrating top IOL calculation formulas - Haigis, Holladay2, Barrett - ensures precise cataract surgery outcomes with optimized IOL power calculations.
The Best of Both OCT & Biometry
Unified Testing
Perform OCT imaging and biometric measurements seamlessly using a single device
Supercharge your Workflow
Eliminate the need for separate appointments, NOA PLUS saves precious time for both you and your patients, maximizing your time efficiency.
Future-Ready Adaptability
NOA PLUS grows with your practice. Adaptable design equips you for future ophthalmic diagnostics challenges
Experience unparalleled accuracy
Through NOA's advanced double telecentric optical system, which delivers detailed ocular insights and generates comprehensive reports, enabling you to make confident clinical decisions with precision

World Class Reports

Exemplary Reports Redefining Insights and Impact

GCL Analysis Report
Macula Thickness Report
IOL calculation

NOA Features

Telecentric Optics
IOL Power Calculation
Glaucoma Management
Easy Alignment Assistance

Let's make eye care
Accessible, Versatile, Accurate