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Elisar Company

eyecare innovation

Elisar is an ISO 13485:2016 certified companies that takes a non-eyecare centric approach to solving refractive, medical, and surgical eyecare challenges by leveraging 21st century technologies from a range of industries.

Accelerating eyecare innovation
Reinventing the way clinicians provide eye care

Reinventing the way
clinicians provide eye care

Elisar is leveraging today’s digital medicine technologies, through tools such as paperless reporting and remote patient monitoring, to allow great efficiency and decision-making capabilities. And freeing clinicians from current fixed-site, big footprint, and capital-intensive diagnostic and surgical technologies.

Reimagining the
patient experience

Elisar envisions an environment where patients are more comfortable, exams take less time and toll on the patient, and data is used to help clinicians spend more time with patients and quickly make informed, objective decisions.

Reimagining the patient experience